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Sound system Hire and sound hire Johannesburg Company.Sound rental Johannesburg.Sound hire company in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa, AV equipment hire in Johannesburg and video production company in Johannesburg.Video projectors hire company Johannesburg, Fourways, Randburg, Midrand, Pretoria.PA system hire Johannesburg.PA system Hire.Sandton.Roodepoort.Centurion.Kyalami. Woodmead.Bryanston.Projector hire Gauteng .
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Conference and corporate function audio visual and P.A. system hire.Sound hire system hire includes cordless microphones.We deliver, set up, collect and assist you to get started.Sound hire in Johannesburg and Gauteng.

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Sound Hire Johannesburg

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Projector hire or date projector hire and screen hire from small to large.For all your AV requirements for your next corporate conference we provide live video feed to big screens as well as straight forward projector hire and screen hire.Projector hire in Johannesburg and Gauteng Know More

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Sound recording and transcribing for all events. Have your event saved either as audio or video and transcribed from either. Sound recording and Transcribing company in Johannesburg and Gauteng.

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Whether you need audio visual equipment hire in Johannesburg, Video data projector hire, screen hire, Sound system hire in Johannesburg, full video production services or sound recording and transcription services we can provide it all with technical support and back up.AV equipment hire Johannesburg and Gauteng.

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Corporate training and marketing videos

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Big projector screens available for conferences

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Sound recording

Have your conference or meeting recorded for legal or record purposes as well as transcription services in Johannesburg

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  • Sound System Hire Johannesburg

    Sound System Hire In Johannesburg

    Sound Hire VS Video for recording of a conference.?

    Often companies would like to record their conference either for legal reason or for marketing or training purposes. When people ask for a recording, they often find that the price difference between a video recording and an audio recording can be something which is not to big to have them not consider it.

    Although in most cases an audio recording which is normally done as a Mp3 or wav recording on a PC, a technician is needed to ensure that the recording is done correctly. Just dumping a microphone in the room and hitting record will achieve very little. The same goes for putting a camera in the corner and hitting record. What is more important is to consider what the recording is for.

    Some would say that if it is just for a legal record, a sound recording will do just fine. That is not always the case as an audio recording can be edited with editing software which makes it just about impossible to detect that it has been edited. A video on the other hand if edited is very clearly identifiable from the sudden jump in image or the audio being out of sync with the picture. The picture captured by the video camera helps to prove the integrity of the audio.

    For most companies, when considering a recording will call a sound hire company as they would assume that it would be an audio visual company who would specialize in the audio recording but in fact corporate video production companies are often very acquainted with capturing these kinds of recording. In many legal cases, the video is insisted upon for its reliability as evidence if needed.

    Conference audio visual suppliers may be sound specialists in their own field but that does not necessarily make them sound recording specialists. When it comes to recording voice, most video production companies have had way more experience with this from either needing to capture audio from an event for the corporate video or have done many recordings in studio for voice overs and even singing for commercials and marketing videos.

    Video production Gauteng companies can easily be over-looked as some of the best professional audio recording specialist. The same goes for research , where the audio of the conversations are key to obtaining the correct information for the study, often with out a picture can cause the information to be skewed or misunderstood as it is taken out of context or where a visual element may fill in more detail . An example would be if an interviewee were to say "it was about this big" and "this is the type of colour that I really like".

    Many of the sound hire Johannesburg companies would argue that the sound is enough but when it comes to a critical piece of information that can be lost or taken out of context, the audio alone may not be the best answer.Some sound hire companies have resorted to a cheap camcorder to add a picture to the sound.This is not a great solution.

    Video production is often seen as a "visual thing" but many video production companies in Johannesburg can tell you that the audio makes up a massive part of any video, whether it is for marketing, training or for legal reasons. In fact in video production , there is a saying that most people will forgive a bad video but not many will forgive bad audio in a video. This should tell you then that video production Gauteng companies take the audio side of things very seriously. It is not just a matter of capturing the audio but making it crystal clear, understandable and pleasant to the ear. There are some corporate video production companies who will spend more time on the audio in the edit than on the video.

    So really it is not at all anything against sound hire companies in Johannesburg, but more a level of specialization in the field of audio added to the benefit of having a visual to back up the audio that makes video production South Africa based companies a perfect choice for sound recording.

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