Recording Services

Sound recording

Microphones and recording equipment

Audio for legal arbitration or disciplinary and conferences .
Recording and transcription

Recording and convert to documents

Audio and transcribed for legal arbitration or disciplinary and conferences .
Video recording

HD video cameras and editing

For corporate vents, marketing or legal purposes.

Precise and accurate

We convert your audio into typed documents.

We record and transcribe for corporate events and legal!

Sound recording

Perfect for having a record of an event or meeting.Clear high quality audio recordings for listening to or transcribing.

Transcribing services

Have us convert your audio into documents or have is do the complete service of recording and transcribing.

Experience and Professionals

With more than 12 years of audio recording experience with the highest quality equipment available, you can be sure of professional sound recording.have your conference or legal matters recorded with assurance of privacy.We provide Sound recording and transcription in Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg, Midrand and around Gauteng!Quality transcribing in Johannesburg at affordable prices.