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How to use sound for recording and transcribing

Transcribing is certainly not a stand alone service as a result of that there had to be some sound recorded at some point. It is only possible to transcribe without the recording if the transcribing is done in the room as the meeting is being done. Transcribing companies in Johannesburg do offer this a service but usually as part of an overall service package. In situations where it is most likely that the meeting will be sound recorded because of transcription, transcription can be seen as an interpretation of what was said.Without a recording there is no way to verify what was originally said.

In many ways the requirement for sound recording is critical. There have been many who believe that simply placing a recording device in the middle of the room is good enough to capture and record the voices, this is not a good approach for many reasons.

The first problem is that if a Dictaphone type of device is placed in the middle of the room to record , the small microphone , although omnidirectional , can struggle to capture all the voices in the room. Most of what is picked up will be what is said loudly and clearly. From a legal point of view this is not so great because if something which was either mumbled or said to the side, was not recorded clearly , it can be argued that what was clearly recorded could be taken out of context because of the missing or unclear audio. Although it can be argued that no recording set up can guarantee recording of every single mumble, if a high quality studio condensor microphone and recording set up is used for the recording, the chances of lost or unclear audio is dramatically reduced.

Another big problem is room echo. This echo which may not be noticable to people in the room at the time can severely cloud the recording making it unclear and very difficult to transcribe afterwards. Importantly another reason is that a Dictaphone will mostly not have any form of intelligent control of the audio levels. Although some dictaphone models may have a built in limiter, or automatic gain control system it is no guarantee of clear audio. Even if they do have these types of features the audio can be changed wildly by huge gains in audio level when people are not speaking to sudden limiting of the audio when they do. This is not a great audio recording. When it comes to building a strong legal case , the quality of the evidence is very important.The sound recording forms part of this evidence

Where sound hire Johannesburg companies get involved with great legal services is that they can offer very high quality recording at a very similar prices to transcription services in Johannesburg. With a very minimal price difference but with a huge quality difference the sound hire companies are an excellent option for your recording and transcription needs. The real difference in the way they operate is that high quality studio condenser microphones can be used to record, which capture much better audio and they can be properly controlled to reduce the room echo as well as capture the sound clearly or desk top conference microphones can also be used. Also very importantly the digital audio recording quality is vastly superior. Most importantly though, is the fact that the audio will be controlled intelligently by a skilled sound technician. That means a reduction in erratic audio levels , clearer sound and better evidence as a result.

Sound hire as a service may seem completely service to transcribing but in fact it can be a very important part of it.